Sinkhole Repair Services in Port Orange

Sinkhole Repair Services in Port OrangeYour Port Orange-area home’s value could be destroyed if you have sinkhole foundation problems. This can also compromise the safety of your home. Our in-house engineers at Port Orange Foundation Repair are here to help with all foundation repair needs, from design to installation, and service. You will have complete peace of mind as we handle foundation repair work in a timely manner. With our foundation repair service, you’ll get to experience the stability and security your foundation will offer your home long-term rather than be a troublesome detriment.

Sinkholes can be repaired differently depending on the size, location, and characteristics of the property where they appear. An assessment of the site and a plan of action are made, and utility lines are mapped out in advance before digging begins. As excavation continues, no solid ground will be encountered, or the prescribed depth within the engineer’s report will be reached. It is possible to either plug the sinkhole with clean fill or to redirect the drainage to a longer-term solution, depending on an engineer’s recommendation and the original cause and characteristics of the sinkhole. It can take anywhere between a few days up to several months to complete the sinkhole repair, depending on its size and severity. Port Orange Foundation Repair provides sinkhole repair, pavement repair, seal coating, warehouse striping, and much more maintenance and enhancement services to help keep your facility attractive.

How We Can Help!

In Port Orange, Florida we provide foundation repair services that are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. There are several services we offer, including:

● Sinkhole Inspection
● Compaction Grouting
● Sinkhole Remediation
● And More Sinkhole Repair Services!

Please call our sinkhole repair company for a free estimate for any of the services we offer.

Sinkhole Inspection

If you suspect a sinkhole on your property, an inspector will examine the site closely to check for signs of the settlement. The difference between sinkholes and settling should be differentiated. Electric resistivity tomography (ERT- RESTOM) and electrical imaging are used by these radars to detect sinkholes. Since all foundations move and settle as the earth moves, we may find no problems with the home once our inspector finds nothing wrong.

Compaction Grouting

Compression grouting is used to add material to the topsoil layers in order to increase the strength of the soil. In order to accomplish this, the well is drilled at the proper depth using a limited-access drill. Under high pressure, a thick cement/grout mixture is pumped into the soil through a grout pump and a steel casing, compacting the soils as it soaks in.

Sinkhole Remediation

The dangers of sinkholes are extreme. Many times the small void or settling in the surface is actually an indication of a larger void and a more dangerous one beneath the surface. If the ground appears to be settling or there is a hole at the surface, the area should be secured, and a professional who specializes in sinkhole remediation should be contacted.

Our sinkhole repair specialists are standing by to provide you with a free service quote. For sinkhole repair services in your home, our contractors can visit your location to talk to you. Our team is always available to assist you, so call us today for more information about our sinkhole repair, as well as seawall repair services.